Chicago’s Subway Falafel

Today, I had the pleasure of trying the newest Subway sandwich: the falafel.

new (vegan?) deliciousness available at your local Chicago Subway.

Available only in Chicago as part of the product’s testing, I must confess, I’m not certain that this sandwich is vegan.  A quick internet search and some expert questioning reveals a general consensus that falafels SHOULD be vegan in most circumstances.  However, because this product has not officially launched yet, no ingredients listings could be found online.

At the very least, I’m sure it’s vegetarian…and totally delicious.

Just be sure to sample it without the suggested cucumber sauce as that is most certainly NOT vegan.  Oil and vinegar tastes just as scrumptious.


4 thoughts on “Chicago’s Subway Falafel

  1. I’m f-ing jealous. (The “f” is for “falafel”.)

    I think you’re right about falafel being vegan, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that it might not really matter.

    I remember when the Burger King veggie burger came out. It was vegan, but there was a trace amount of milk in the bun. PETA took the stance that it was more important for people to go out and buy the burger and show demand for the product than to abstain because it wasn’t 100% vegan. It worked, they kept it, and now the world has an easy non-meat option at one of the most ubiquitous fast food chains!

    Either way, that looks good and I want to put it in my mouth.

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