Vegan Biscuits from a Baking Novice

At the start of last week, I shared my recipe for vegan gravy and not so vegan biscuits. A few days later, I was craving this comforting breakfast again and decided to do it right this time…

I would have to find a vegan biscuit recipe.

It should be noted that I never bake [unless you want to call adding two ingredients to a boxed mix ‘baking.’]  I have never in my life made anything from scratch except for Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies.  Kneading dough is something I use to reference my cat’s cuddling habits, not my actions in the kitchen…that was, until last weekend.

dough: kneaded with flour and everything!

Determined to find a vegan biscuit recipe that could compete with the flaky layers of my Pillsbury canister, I compared several recipe reviews before settling on this one originally taken from  Due to my own supply limitations, I ended up using whole wheat flour and substituting honey for the sugar [I rarely keep refined sugar in my apartment].  This resulted in heartier, slightly less fluffy biscuits than intended, but still quite good.

heavenly, hearty comfort food

Next time, I’ll try using all-purpose flour…just to see how it goes.

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