Vegan Valentines: Lasagna & Creme Brulee

I ♥ Valentine’s Day.  Always have.  It’s a great opportunity to slow down and appreciate everything that you love [in a relationship or otherwise].  This year, as part of our gifts to each other, the omnivore boyfriend and I decided to have a romantic dinner at home: he’d cook the main course, I’d take charge of dessert.

Despite never having cooked a traditionally vegan meal, the boyfriend decided to make a vegan lasagna from this recipe he found at, complete with tofu “ricotta cheese.”

the omnivore can really cook! (even when it's vegan)

The result: DELICIOUS! Not to mention filling without being too heavy.  We each had two large pieces and still had room for dessert.

And speaking of dessert, for my part, I chose to tackle a vegan creme brulee recipe that I stumbled across over the holidays.

custard for creme brulee (made with love)

Heavy on the cinnamon, the custard turned a dark brown color rather than the usual pale yellow of traditional creme brulee, but it was still quite tasty. Definitely a recipe I will be playing around with in the future.

From our evening filled with wine, food, & flowers, here’s hoping your valentine’s day was just as swell. ♥

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