Door Sixteen’s Review of Eating Animals

"I was only about five pages into the book before I knew I would never eat meat again." (Anna of Door Sixteen)

Recently, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with design blogs.  Obsessed, really, to be frank.  The Omnivore and I are moving in together next month and I’m determined to turn his bachelor pad into a home that both of us can love.

Because of my situation, I am particularly intrigued by design blogs dealing with the homes of couples, much like Door Sixteen‘s Anna & Evan.  Not only does Anna have a great eye for design [she creates the cover art for books], she also happens to be vegan…and she’s read Johnathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals.

While I’m still only about halfway through the book, I can already relate to Anna’s review of it’s message. It truly is life-changing.

If you’re interested in or have read Eating Animals, I encourage you to read her post about it as well.


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