Vegan Cookie Cake

Last Saturday was the Omnivore‘s 30th birthday! Naturally, being the ambitious girlfriend that I am, I wanted to bake him a cake.  Unnaturally, he is not a huge fan of cakes.  So when I asked him what kind of dessert he wanted as we roamed the aisles of Jewel, he pointed towards the nearby rack of cookie cakes.

Now, I know very well how to make vegan cookies, but my one and only attempt at turning the same dough into a larger cake version came out a bit crispy.  Personally, I like a little crunch in my cookie…the Omnivore likes his soft.  That’s why I went in search of a new recipe and found this post from Vegan Strong.

The cookie cake recipe was technically a blondie recipe which meant it had the potential to turn out nice and chewy.  However, due to oven temperature variations, mine turned out a bit more on the dough-y side, even after a 55 minute bake time.  Dough-y, but AMAZING!  Seriously, this cake has now been added to my list of cravings. I might even request it for MY next birthday:

it was my first time EVER decorating with icing...don't judge.

[Note: this cake was decorated the lazy way, with pre-packaged non-dairy icing. :)]


2 thoughts on “Vegan Cookie Cake

  1. Great for post. I keep more interesting publications. Been following blog for six days now and I should say I am beginning to like your post. I need to know how can I subscribe to your blog?

    • Thanks Jolyn! Glad to have you as a reader! 🙂

      You can subscribe by clicking the button to the right of the post that says “yes, please!” under the header “want to receive VTB by email?” Then you’ll receive email updates on new postings!

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