Hoosier Herbivore

Last weekend, I returned to my home state of Indiana for a college friend’s wedding.

Hoping to be better prepared than my trip home during the holidays, I did a little vegan restaurant research prior to my arrival.  Unfortunately, many Hoosier herbivores I’d spoken with admitted to preparing most of their meals at home. Finding a vegan-friendly restaurant in the area was proving slightly difficult; that is, until I stumbled upon the website for 3 Sisters Cafe in the heart of Indy’s Broad Ripple. Featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, 3 Sisters offers both vegan and non-vegan fare, perfect for myself and my dining companions.

The Omnivore and I enjoyed this place so much we ate there twice, a lunch before the wedding & brunch the next day
[apologies for the sloppy photos, I’ve never claimed to be much of a photographer, but these were taken in haste]:

hearty BBQ grains with homemade applesauce

Lunch #1: BBQ grains on a whole wheat bun

This sandwich was just what I needed after a meager breakfast of canned orange slices [the parentals were ill-prepared for my arrival].  Not only was it hearty [made with 5 different grains!], but the apple butter BBQ sauce and sweet potato topping were perfect for my constant sweet tooth.  My only complaint: the homemade applesauce contained a bit too much cinnamon.

veggie club & fresh fruit

Lunch/Brunch #2: Veggie club on toasted multigrain wheat

Ah-mazing! While ordering, I was torn between this and the house-made maple vanilla granola, but decided to forsake my sugary craving only to find that this sandwich satisfied it as well.  I’m not sure if it was the multigrain bread [wheat always tastes sweeter to me] or something in the hummus, but I loved the fresh flavor of this dish. As for the fruit cup, it was unbelievably fresh with the best mangos I’ve ever tasted.

3 bean chili: quite tasty for a sloppy second

Stolen Side Dish: 3 bean chili

This was actually the Omnivore’s side dish, but I ended up eating more of it than he did.  Once again, there was something slightly sweet about this savory soup [perhaps some red peppers?] that had me coming back for spoonful after spoonful.

The only drawback at the 3 Sisters Cafe was that none of their tasty-looking desserts were vegan.
Thankfully, after lunch #2, we came across the perfect place to satisfy my sweet tooth [yes, again]: The Flying Cupcake!

hip-hip hooray!

This tiny bakery is located on Mass Ave, a trendy shopping strip near downtown Indianapolis.  Known for it’s cute decor and scrumptious sweets, it’s been on my destination list for years, but I had no idea whether or not they were vegan-friendly.

Lucky for me, they were:

vegan chocolate goodness

Sweet Treat: Vegan Chocolate Cupcake

Look at how beautiful that little cupcake is! Trust me, it was as delicious as it looks.  The only vegan selection in their case, this chocolate dessert would have been my first choice no matter how many options there were.
[The rose was plastic, but it made for a very cute souvenir.]

Over all, a successfully tasty trip.  Perhaps I’ll make this vegan-on-the-road research a habit,
what’s the best vegan fare in your neighborhood?

2 thoughts on “Hoosier Herbivore

    • Carrie,

      I will definitely look into your blog! Because my parents still live in Indiana, I visit quite often so be sure to give me a heads up on any vegan-friendly establishments you come across. You should check out Tulip Noir, it had some delicious sounding vegan breakfast options that I didn’t have a chance to try during my last visit.


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