Around the World in one little City

The Omnivore and I have been eating some amazing meals out lately [perhaps too many if you check our wallets].  He loves Mexican, I love Sushi, and we both love Italian so we bounce around a lot with our dining venues.  However, anytime a place proves to be extra vegan-friendly, I’m more than happy to return on many occasions.
Here are some recent meals worthy of a second stop:

Hiro’s Cafe‘s All You Can Eat Sushi

Vegan on a Roll.

While it pales in comparison to my all-time favorite sushi place, Hiro’s all you can eat sushi menu is always tempting at just under $20.  It satisfies my constant sushi craving while allowing the Omnivore to indulge in two of his favorite things: eating a ton and saving money.  This place only has a few pre-listed vegetarian rolls, but they’re very open to modifications on any roll on the menu.  Granted, I’ve baffled a few of the sweet waitresses by asking for the Organic roll without the salmon or the Angel’s Kiss without fish or mayo, but they are more than happy to oblige once they understand the concept.

Pie Hole‘s Pizza with Daiya cheese

*objects in photo are tastier than they appear.

My commute to and from work takes me right past Pie Hole nearly every other day.  So imagine my excitement when I read in their window that they now offer VEGAN CHEESE! I had to give it a try.  The menu is mostly build-your-own-slice style so you can put whatever veggies you’d like on top.  I chose artichoke hearts, baby bella mushrooms, and of course, vegan cheese…it was totally delicious.  My only complaint was that the counter workers weren’t sure if any of their specialty sauces were vegan. I was fine with the traditional tomato sauce, but it would be nice to know my options next time.

P.S. I have it on good authority that Pie Hole is looking into even more vegan toppings…so stay tuned!

El Nuevo Mexicano‘s Quesadilla Vegano & Platanos Fritas con Nieve Vegano


Thank God for the vegansaurus! post on this restaurant or I might never have known about their mouth-watering vegan menu.  Before going vegan, I loved Mexican food. However, much to the Omnivore’s dismay, it kind of lost it’s luster once cheese went off the menu.  That’s why I was ultra-impressed to find that El Nuevo Mexicano didn’t just create a list of vegan dishes from ingredients they already had, but included Daiya cheese and vegan chorizo in many of their delicious options.  I ordered the Quesadilla Vegano, savored every sweet, cheesy bite, then followed it up with a vegan dessert [yep, that’s right, the menu includes dessert!] of fried plantains topped with coconut ice cream.  The verdict: Heavenly! I can’t wait to go back for more!


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