Urban Expressions’ Reagan Clutch

so vegan you could eat it, but don't...it's too pretty.

I love vegan products.  I love free things.  So when Handbag Heaven contacted me to write a review on one of their newest vegan purse styles [which I would get to try for free], my answer was an emphatic YES!

Handbag Heaven specializes in selling high quality purses at affordable prices [$10-$85].  More importantly, all of their purses are made from leatherette, never real leather.  The purse sent to me is from their Urban Expressions certified vegan brand.  That means that everything used in the production of this purse, right down to the glue, has been verified as vegan-friendly.

In anticipation of my purse’s delivery, I spent many hours drooling over Handbag Heaven’s vegan selection, particularly the Reagan Shoulder Clutch.  I loved its Chanel-like quilting, optional shoulder chain [I like my bags to have hands-free options] and cute little polka dotted lining.  So imagine my delight when that very style was delivered to my door!

Measuring 9×5 inches, there’s even a small pocket inside to keep your money/credit cards/id separate from the rest of your purse contents [I hate digging for essentials].  The cruelty-free leatherette material feels soft and buttery, not stiff and crumbly like some fake leathers. Inside the bag, you’ll find my favorite part: the gold Urban Expressions nameplate [very high end] and the certified vegan inspection tag [very official].  Not a fan of red? That’s ok, the bag also comes in neutral brown or playful purple.

Pros: The Reagan clutch seems very well made. Well worth $60 or more, Handbag Heaven sells it for just over $35.  Affordable, classic, and cruelty free, what’s not to love?

Cons: I’m not a fan of the gold chain, but I will admit it works very well with the vintage-y feel of the bag.  Marilyn might have carried this to lunch…if Marilyn were reincarnated as a stylish, modern-day vegan. 😉

*windblown hair not included. (that comes from riding bikes to lunch.)


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