Skin Deep

Today is my first official 100% raw day and there’s still a Make Something Monday post to be made, but I had to share this photo I found of my pre-vegan skin [with makeup] in comparison to my skin today [makeup-free and fresh from a morning wash]:

extreme makeover: inside out

Granted, neither photo is extremely flattering [the first was probably taken after a long day at work, the second is a forced matching pose with unmade hair & blonde eyelashes that disappear without mascara], but there is a definite difference.  A healthier-looking difference in my opinion. My skin looks less puffy, more glow-y. Back then, you’d never convince me to post a photo online without makeup [in fact, I still can’t find any that exist], but today I feel confident & content in my own skin…even fresh out of bed without mascara.

Do you have before & after shots of your vegan transformation? Please, send them over and I’ll add them to this post.

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