Bowls of Raw Mush

Doesn’t that title sound appetizing, guys? I wish I could say it looks more appealing than it sounds, but unfortunately, that is not the case. The more I look into Raw cooking, the more I realize that, unless you’re a gourmet chef, these dishes are going to look a little…off, but I promise, they taste surprisingly good.

Bowl of Raw Mush #1: Chia Pudding

looks can be deceiving...honestly.

This recipe is from Going Raw [aka my guidebook for this month] and although it looks gross, it tastes just like tapioca pudding [aka one of my favorites]. I know what you’re thinking: I don’t want that anywhere near my mouth. Personally, it took me several minutes to get up the courage to take the first bite, but once I did I was more than pleasantly surprised. In fact, this is one Raw recipe that I’ll probably continue to make even after this month is over…it’s that good.

Here’s how to make it:

Combine 1/3 c. chia seeds, 2 tbsp agave nectar, & 2 cups of your choice of milk base.  You can try coconut water, like I used [just be prepared to fight the coconut open], or you can use your own raw nut milk [more on that later].  If you’re not 100% Raw, you can use whatever milk substitute you desire.  I plan to make future batches with So Delicious coconut milk. Same coconut taste, less difficult shells to open.  Stir together your ingredients, let sit for 5-10 minutes, stir again, then refrigerate overnight for best results.  The moisture from the milk and/or water causes the chia seeds to gel, making the Raw equivalent to pudding.  You’ll just have to trust me, shut your eyes, and take a bite.

Bowl of Raw Mush #2: Banana/Almond/Oatmeal aka The Raw Elvis*

Thank you very much.

This recipe is sort of the Raw version of my peanut butter/banana quinoa.  Simply mash 1 banana with 2 tbsp Raw almond butter, add a touch of maple syrup and a few handfuls of uncooked oats, stir & enjoy.  The uncooked oats make things a bit chewy, but they also give the almond butter/banana mush more stability.  It’s great for breakfast or a late night snack.

*Edit-Apparently oats are not Raw [even if you don’t cook them, they’ve been heated during the production process], but the Raw Elvis is still delicious without them, just not quite as filling.


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