Raw Observations: Part 1

After almost a full week of eating 100% Raw, there are a few things that I’ve observed about this lifestyle:

soak your nuts & peel your almonds.

1. I feel more alert. I am in a constant state of awareness. My head feels clearer. My eyes seem wider…or maybe I’m just really, really hungry.

2. I am always hungry. Raw fruits and vegetables have a much smaller calorie content than the foods I’m used to consuming, even on a vegan diet. Unfortunately, I’ve been having trouble adjusting the size of my meals accordingly.  A portion of raw “tuna” salad isn’t as filling as my usual vegan tuna salad [especially without a few slices of toast to slather it on].  Therefore, I’m always in search of more food. Snacking is my constant state…which poses a problem during 6 hour shifts without lunch.

3. Soaking your nuts isn’t so bad. It’s time consuming, but it kind of makes me feel like an old-fashioned homemaker spending all day preparing a meal. Confused as to what I’m referring to? Read all about it here.

4. Cashews are amazing!  They can make mayo, icings, custards, ice cream…and you only have to soak them for a few hours before use [sometimes not at all]!

5. Eating 100% Raw is really expensive. Quite frankly, my finances simply cannot keep up with need for new ingredients. [I go thru an entire bag of spinach in a day and flaxseed crackers are NOT cheap!]  That is why I’ve made the decision that weeks 3 & 4 of this month will have to be 75-80% Raw. This should be a high enough percentage to still notice some results while keeping my savings & sanity in check.

Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Raw Observations: Part 1

  1. I did a two week stint of eating raw once; very super insane pricy! But, bean sprouts aren’t so bad if you do them yourself, and they should fill you up the same as beans would. (Still beans, ya know?)

    • Thanks for the tip! Actually, you’re not the first person to suggest I add bean sprouts to my diet. [It’s high time I make use of such good advice. :)] What kind would you recommend?

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