Quick Bite: Peanut Butter in a Bowl

When my sister & I were little, we would beg our mother to make us her culinary speciality: peanut butter, butter, & corn syrup mixed together in a bowl. We called it peanut butter in a bowl. Original, right? And not at all healthy. Which is why I’ve weaned myself off of it in recent years.

Jump to last night: while working on a recipe for gluten-free tag-a-longs [be patient, it’s coming soon!], I was left with extra peanut butter filling…peanut butter, Earth Balance, & pure maple syrup.

So, I gave in to my inner child:

Warning: this treat us EXTREMELY rich! Even though I’ve made it healthier than my childhood version, it’s still for indulgent times only. That being said, if you’d like to give it a try, combine any portion size of the following mixture: 40/40/20 of peanut butter/pure maple syrup/Earth Balance. Spread on toast or proceed with caution & a spoon. Enjoy!


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