Quick Bite: Banana Nog

Confession: I’ve never had eggnog.

It was never a holiday tradition in our house & by the time I grew old enough to buy it for myself, the apprehension of wasting money on something I wasn’t sure I’d like was too daunting. Now, as a vegan, I guess I’ve missed the boat entirely [though I am mildly tempted by the So Delicious version that appears on the shelves during the holidays], but I still crave a drink with a bit of warm, holiday spice every now & then.

Enter: Banana-nog

cinnamon = holiday. so that has to taste like eggnog, right?

This little concoction has similar flavors to eggnog…or what I would imagine eggnog tastes like…compliments of cinnamon & clove.


1 frozen banana
1/4 c So Delicious coconut milk, added to desired thickness
1 tbsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cloves [or less, to taste]
1 ice cube

Place all in ingredients in blender [adding more or less coconut milk as you go] & process until smooth.
Top with more cinnamon & serve in your favorite mug.

Tip: if you want a drink that’s a little less smoothie-like, try unfrozen bananas to warm things up a bit.


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