Thankful Thursday 10/18 – 10/25

This week, I’m thankful for:

♥ my first free sugar blues workshop tomorrow @ 7pm CDT [RSVP on facebook to attend!]
♥ voting early for our favorite president [hint: rhymes with yo mama]
♥ our first delivery from Door to Door Organics [purchased w/ a discount from Veganmania]
♥ playing battleship to stay sane during a REALLY long wait for brunch @ Tweet

And tonight, I’m particularly thankful for my web hosting site: Green Geeks!

After hours of trying to figure out the technical details of switching domain names for this blog [soon to be, bookmark it!], I finally gave in and messaged customer support. Not only was the solution simple, it wasn’t even my problem! Green Geeks totally took care of everything for me. And have I mentioned they’re also environmentally friendly and wind-powered? If you’re ever in need of web hosting, I highly recommend them.


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