Make Something Monday: Tofu/Bok Choy Tacos

You may remember from a few Thankful Thursday posts ago that Nick & I recently signed up for a produce delivery service called Door to Door Organics. While it’s not quite as cost effective as a CSA, it is about the same price as buying organic at the store, without the trip out into the cold. In short, we’re loving it so far.

I’m especially fond of the way DtD selects your produce for you based on your likes and dislikes. It’s a great way to discover new fruits and veggies that you might not have the courage to pick up yourself. For instance, this past week, our box contained one pound of bok choy:

A bok choy bouquet.

Despite having recommended it as a nutritious leafy green for my clients, I myself had never tried it. So, after some Google searching combined with a craving for breakfast tacos, I settled on losing my bok choy-inity to a tofu/bok choy/potato scramble [loosely inspired by this recipe].

Eating my salsa with a side of greens.


12 oz [or 1 package] extra firm tofu
1 c salsa
1 tsp turmeric
3 garlic cloves, chopped
2-3 small red potatoes, diced
1/2 small red onion, diced
1 bunch of bok choy, roughly chopped
3-4 corn tortillas for tacos
olive oil for pan

Start by pressing the tofu in a clean dish towel to drain out as much water as possible.
Crumble tofu into a medium bowl w/ salsa & turmeric. Allow to marinate for at least 15 minutes.
In a large skillet or wok,  brown garlic cloves in a shallow pool of olive oil over low to medium heat.
Add potatoes to pan & allow to cook  covered, stirring occasionally until slightly softened.
Add onions & tofu to potatoes &  cook until onions softened slightly.
Add bok choy to pan & cook until base pieces are softened to desired texture.
Serve on corn tortillas & topped with salsa.

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