Thankful Thursday: Valentine’s Special Edition

valentine coupons

This Valentine’s Day, I’m Thankful for:

♥ cozy brunches with friends & loved ones ♥ free cupcakes [even if I had to give mine away because it wasn’t vegan] ♥ warm[ish] winter days ♥ thoughtful date night coupons from Nick [see above] ♥ clever flicks like Warm Bodies [our Valentine’s date night choice] ♥ having someone in my life who knows how to handle my emotions…even when I’m brought to tears from the thought of walking one more step in the world’s most uncomfortable shoes [helpful hint: don’t wear brand new shoes for the first time on a Valentine’s date…and don’t expect $20 heels to be comfortable…ever!] ♥ surrounding myself with wonderful people who make any holiday worth celebrating, but especially the holidays about love.


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