Water Week: Healthy Add-Ons & Day 1 Observations

Haven’t heard of Water Week? Read the Welcome post here.

water add-ons

Drinking water every hour doesn’t have to get boring. You can add in flavorings or additives to make things more interesting & speed up your body’s cleansing process.

For instance, my second cup of hydration today consisted of hot water, lemon [for liver cleansing], raw apple cider vinegar [for further detox & a whole list of other benefits], cayenne pepper [to boost metabolism], & cinnamon [to reduce inflamation & make things taste yummier].

You can add a squeeze of lemon to all your water throughout the day or make yourself a cup of herbal tea for a relaxing nighttime hydration. Just be sure that none of your additives contain caffeine or sugar. These ingredients dehydrate your system and cancel out all the good that water is doing.

And speaking of what the water is doing, here are my observations from Day 1:

1. Drinking water every hour usually means that I have to pee every hour. “Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!” That’s what I think to myself every time the bathroom trips start to annoy me. We’re flushing out all the toxins.
2. My skin is glowing & almost crease-free. The cliche that drinking water is great for your skin proves true. My skin feels healthy & supple, my little pre-period breakout is healing faster than usual, & the deep line that permanently lives in the center of my forehead has nearly vanished.
3. When I’m not too full of water, I have great abs. I’ve found that I have a tendency to forget about my water until the end of the hour, which is when I proceed to drink the whole glass quickly to catch up [as a health coach, I do not recommend this]. During these moments, my belly is quite sloshy & full, but during a normal, sip slowly hour, my abs look awesome.
4. Computer work is my hydration’s worst enemy. For the most part, I’m doing pretty good about remembering to stay hydrated, but the internet is not my friend when it comes to drinking water. Just like facebook can suck hours from your productivity without you even realizing it, I’ve found that nearly an hour will go by without my taking a single sip while online. This is when the above mentioned chugging happens to get things back on track. Clearly, this is an area that I will be working on this week.

Have you joined me on my hourly hydration challenge? Feel free to share your observations on facebook & post your hydration photos on instagram & twitter [@michelleshea #waterweek].