Water Week, Day 5: Water Cures

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Yesterday, due to factors outside of the water week project, I was feeling less than perfect. A tiresome morning at work transitioned into a major headache and, eventually, a couch-bound evening.

Thankfully, water does a great job of easing almost any aches and pains. It’s actually my go-to remedy for a headache. Nine times out of ten, the pain behind my eyes is a warning sign that I’m not hydrated enough. This particular time, I knew I was plenty hydrated, but my body still needed a little boost to flush out the sugar & soy from a day of indulging in vegan shakes. A few extra glasses later, I was feeling back to normal.

So the next time you’re faced with a headache or joint pain, reach for the h2o before you reach for the Advil…your body will thank you.

For more information on how water cures, check out this website.