Thankful Thursday: Cleaning Out My Closet

I couldn’t resist using an incredibly dated Eminem lyric for this post title. It was just too fitting since this whole week has been about LITERALLY cleaning out my closet. Nothing feels quite as good as the joy of having my daily fashions weeded-thru & organized.

confessions closet clean out

In fact, my closet clean out felt so refreshing that I’m encouraging my friends to tackle the same task & attend a clothing swap party! It’s my first swap experience so if you’ve ever hosted or attended one, please feel free to share your tips with me on facebook:

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With my newly pristine closet in place, here are a few other things I’m feeling thankful for:

How I Met Your Mother cookie inspiration ♥ my handy shelf-making boyfriend for giving my boots room to breath ♥ weird art on romantic dates downtown ♥ catching up on Boardwalk Empire ♥ finishing the first chapter of my ebook ♥ & even. more. kale.

What are you thank for today?


Thankful Thursday: Box Full of Kale

Dear Vegan MoFo newbies,

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! Here you’ll find a short list of things I’m thankful for & loving this week. I encourage you to join me in making your own gratitude list to brighten up a gloomy day.


This week, I’m thankful for:

portlandia season 3

Portlandia Season 3 on Netflix – it’s absolutely the best season yet IMHO + Jeff Goldblume
Kale Chips & Chili – seriously guys, I’m obsessed
Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Lara Bars – I usually try to stay away from the Lara bars with chocolate, but I picked up a box of these last week & now I can’t stop
♥ little glimpses of the upcoming fall weather – I can’t wait to curl up with a blanket & hot tea
♥ signing new health coaching clients! – will you be the next one to join my healthy army? 🙂
late night writing in tea shops
♥ and finally, this amazing & hilarious “Box Full of Kale” video from Second City Network – I swear, if my life had a theme song, this would be it.

Thankful Thursday: Gluten-free Vegan on the Go

For me, today is an especially Thankful Thursday. Nick & I just returned from a 3 day camping trip and I’m feeling particularly grateful to be home and in the vicinity of a hot shower.

camping vegan style

I was also quite thankful to find plenty of healthy, gluten-free & vegan snacks to sustain me while surrounded by hot dogs & s’mores. After stocking up at a suburban Wisconsin Walmart [with a surprisingly good selection], here’s the list of supplies Nick & I purchased for dining in the great outdoors:

garlic hummus
organic baby carrots
Odwalla chocolate chip peanut bars
tri-color bell peppers
corn tortillas
lime juce
Nature’s Path coconut chia granola
So Delicious coconut milk
& a pack of fajita seasoning

With these supplies, I was able to sustain myself quite well during our vacation. On the road, I kept myself satisfied with baby carrots, hummus, bananas, and Odwalla bars. At the camp site, Nick broke out his trusty zombie survival mess kit to whip up yummy pepper fajitas in a lime juice marinade [+ our camp-mates made some delicious veggie-kabobs for me]. Breakfast consisted of dinner leftovers followed by a bowl of granola with coconut milk. All vegan. All gluten-free.

Who says eating healthy is hard away from home?

Other things I’m thankful for this week:

♥ hot showers ♥ aloe vera [for post-camping redness] ♥ avocados on everything ♥ client testimonials about glowing skin & a bigger bra size ♥ my former/current client Stephanie’s blog about her ongoing health coaching experiences ♥ and as always, Nick Conrad

Thankful Thursday: How to Please a Diva [LaVida]

Today is a very special Thankful Thursday, filled to the brim with happy news!

Let’s start things off with some “glowing” praise from recent 6 month program graduate
& supremely talented burlesque dancer Diva LaVida:

diva testimonial

 “I really enjoyed working with Michelle & found her to be a tremendous asset. She never pressured me into wacky diets or asked me to do anything that made me feel less than awesome. Her advice helped to clear up my skin, trim my waist, & got me glowing. Seriously, even my coworkers noticed my positive changes. Woot!”
Diva LaVida

To read even more client testimonials & to find out the details about my 6 month health coaching program visit & schedule your very own FREE health consultation:
click here button

Other things that I’m Thankful for Today:

♥ the amazing, useful, & entertaining eBook that I’m a contributor to hit #3 on the Amazon Best Seller’s list in our category [Kindle – Advertising]! If you want to read all about how I based my business brand on girly magazines + many more stories of self-promotion & starting your own business, you can purchase Self-Promotion Sucks (but it doesn’t have to) on Amazon for only $4.99!

♥ inspired by my first eBook experience, I’ve decided to write my own! You can look forward to my Health is Beauty how-to guide to clearing your skin & getting that glow this Fall! It’ll be a tight deadline for all the information that I plan to include, but I’m putting it out there into the universe & feel determined I can make it happen. [P.S. If you’re excited by this book idea, leave me a comment of support on the Michelle Shea Walker [dot com] facebook page, I’d really appreciate it!]

♥ my boyfriend Nick was featured in The Chicago Sun-Times this week for his Dabble class on How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s always great to see someone so brilliant get the great press that they deserve [especially when it’s the man in your life].

♥ and also, I’m thankful for chia pudding. So. Much. Chia. Pudding. 🙂

What are you Thankful for Today?

Thankful Thursday: Life Unplugged & Photo Fun

Long time, no see, right?

While I’m sorry for my absence in keeping you supplied with yummy gluten-free & vegan recipes, I’m not sorry for the time I’ve spent away from the computer. It’s been a busy few weeks with new projects and business opportunities. I’ve spent a lot of time on the health coaching side of things, but I’ve also made a conscious effort to stay away from the computer more often.

As an introvert, the internet has become my greatest playground, but every once in awhile I have to step away. It’s important for me to stil have real life interactions, real life  dates, and real life views [my eyes need a break from pixels, after all]. I truly believe that all of our modern day interaction with technology isn’t healthy. In fact, if I spend the entire day on the computer, I know go to bed feeling stressed and wired up. But at the same time, I find so much inspiration and entertainment online that I cannot stay away for long.

It’s all about the balance…which is one of the many things I’m thankful for today.
Here are some of the others:

♥ Finding Jawbreaker on HuluPlus last night [it was one of my high school favorites…though still not as good as finding Heathers on Netflix] ♥ Purchasing a gorgeous Betsey Johnson dress on Ebay for a steal [very Carrie Diaries] ♥ Admitting to my new guilty pleasure: The Carrie Diaries [it’s no Sex and the City, but it’s just stylish enough to quell my cravings] ♥ A yummy gift & cute sticker from Callie at Rawxies [seriously guys, you need to try the mint chocolate flavor, it’s so good!] ♥ New stickers for Health Happiness & Hula Hoops [given to anyone who refers a friend for a free health consultation w/ me] ♥ New health coaching website design featuring photos from the very talented Katie Graves [see below for a taste & like the Health Happiness & Hula Hoops facebook page to see the rest as they’re posted] ♥

What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday: 1/3/13

Welcome to the first Thankful Thursday of 2013! 
I hope you’re finding plenty to be thankful for, I know I am.

♥ As of breakfast yesterday, I’m thankful for our new waffle iron, a thrift-store steal at just $2.

waffle maker

♥ I’m thankful that I’m sticking to my 2013 writing schedule like a champ. Look for new links in the writing section as soon as my editors are done with them.

♥ I’m thankful for gift cards that pay for much-needed purchases, like a suitable laptop bag. My new writing motto when cabin fever hits: have computer, will travel.

♥ I’m thankful for Nick, who always takes out the trash when I’m too busy/lazy/or cold to make the trek down 3 flights of stairs and into the creepy back ally.

♥ I’m thankful that my schedule allows for an entire day of scouring the internet for creative inspiration. If only every day was so luxurious. Granted, some of that time was spent researching new health & wellness articles, but most of it was enveloped by girly dresses, witty blog advice, Carrie Bradshaw style, & celebrity baby blogs.

What are you thankful for?

Thankful Thursday 10/25 – 11/8

This week, I’m thankful for:

The re-election of my favorite president! I myself was an absolute wreck waiting for the election results and I could not have been happier with the outcome. I know many people have their doubts about him, but I truly believe that Barack Obama is exactly what our country needs right now. I have so much love for that man that my heart is overflowing. I mean, have you seen his heartfelt thank you to his supporters?
My homemade halloween costume. Because I missed out on posting Thankful Thursday last week, I didn’t get to show off my $12 thrift store costume. Nick went as Rick from The Walking Dead and I was Alice from Resident Evil [who needs a couple’s costume when we can both be zombie hunters?]. My cut off slip wasn’t a perfect imitation of Alice’s asymmetrical red dress, but it still got the point across.
My own personal juice revival. A few months ago, I started juicing like crazy and it was awesome. My energy improved, my skin started to glow, and I actually looked forward to my daily cup of green. However, as the weather cooled down, I started craving a warmer start to my morning. I’ve slacked off quite a bit on my liquid sunshine as of late and it’s time for a revival. I still may not juice every day [it gets pricey, after all], but I can at least fit it in a few times a week. Bonus: it gives new purpose to our recycled bottle collection [like the one above from Argo tea, doesn’t it look great as a re-purposed travel bottle?].
New, pink & girly office supplies. I have an addiction to office supplies. I honestly feel a surge of productivity when I’m surrounded by supplies that visually please me [read: pink & girly], so I indulge myself on occasion. This week’s treats included a sparkly journal and polka dot dry erase markers.

What are you thankful for this week?

Thankful Thursday 10/18 – 10/25

This week, I’m thankful for:

♥ my first free sugar blues workshop tomorrow @ 7pm CDT [RSVP on facebook to attend!]
♥ voting early for our favorite president [hint: rhymes with yo mama]
♥ our first delivery from Door to Door Organics [purchased w/ a discount from Veganmania]
♥ playing battleship to stay sane during a REALLY long wait for brunch @ Tweet

And tonight, I’m particularly thankful for my web hosting site: Green Geeks!

After hours of trying to figure out the technical details of switching domain names for this blog [soon to be, bookmark it!], I finally gave in and messaged customer support. Not only was the solution simple, it wasn’t even my problem! Green Geeks totally took care of everything for me. And have I mentioned they’re also environmentally friendly and wind-powered? If you’re ever in need of web hosting, I highly recommend them.

Thankful Thursday 10/11 – 10/18

This week, I’m thankful for:

♥ thrifted Betsey Johnson sweaters [only $30!]
♥ kitchen drawers full of tea [and more on the shelves]
♥ vanilla-scented bedtime candles
♥ finding forgotten black boots in my closet after shopping for a pair all week
♥ free yoga classes with client/friends
♥ lavender essential oils
♥ dark chocolate & tea
♥ Forever 21 care packages [thanks, mom!]
♥ exciting health & wellness writing collaborations [more on that coming soon!]

What are you thankful for?

Thankful Thursday 9/27-10/4

This week, I’m thankful for:

? Living in an exciting city where movies & TV shows [like The Mob Doctor] film on my street.
? Booking last minute trips to Indianapolis that include sushi dates with my BFF.
? Returning home to the beautiful skyline of the city I love.
? Making it to Chicago Veganmania just in time to grab some free food from closing vendors.

More things that make me smile:

? Mayim Bailik’s adorable new PETA ad. I love what she has to say about answering the “but what do you eat?” question.
? My ad* for Health Happiness & Hula Hoops is running on Gala Darling’s website this week.
? Speaking of Gala Darling, I love what she has to say about creating your dream online personae in her keynote for NEPABlog Con.
? I’m so excited for Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen that I might even pre-order it to gain access to her equally exciting Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes.
? One of my favorite food docs, Hungry for Change, is available to watch online for free until Saturday. Go watch it!

*Want to help support my health coaching & put an ad on your website? Here’s the code:
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