Relish Tray: Daiya’s Havarti-Style “Cheese” Wedge

relishverb. to delight in something that satisfies one’s tastes, inclinations, or desires.

daiya havarti

My name is Michelle & I am a Havarti-aholic. It all started several months ago when, upon release of Daiya’s wedge-style flavors, my friend Diva LaVida recommended that I try their Havarti flavor immediately because it was just that good. However, I rarely purchase vegan cheeses anymore. With so many great vegan restaurants in Chicago, I find that I can get my fill of cheesy flavors without adding it to my grocery list. Cut to last week when I decided to pick up a cheddar wedge as a gift for a recently dairy-free client. As I stood in the aisle at Whole Foods, cheddar in one hand, Daiya coupon in the the other, I decided now was as good of time as any to try this Havarti flavor for myself.

With no gluten-free crackers suitable for cheese at home, I opted to try my wedge on apple slices…and proceeded to devour half of the package in one sitting. Thankfully, my consumption has slowed down slightly [and I’ve learned to pre-arrange my slices on a plate to prevent mindless grazing from the package], but I still should buy stock in Daiya with as often as I’m purchasing this wedge. It’s amazing, guys! And for the most part, it’s pretty neutral on the nutrition scale. With a tapioca flour, palm oil & coconut base, it’s soy-free, gluten-free, & of course, dairy-free without too many unnecessary ingredients or preservatives. Overall, I feel okay about getting my apple a day with a side of this stuff…it’ll still keep the doctor away.

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Thankful Thursday: How to Please a Diva [LaVida]

Today is a very special Thankful Thursday, filled to the brim with happy news!

Let’s start things off with some “glowing” praise from recent 6 month program graduate
& supremely talented burlesque dancer Diva LaVida:

diva testimonial

 “I really enjoyed working with Michelle & found her to be a tremendous asset. She never pressured me into wacky diets or asked me to do anything that made me feel less than awesome. Her advice helped to clear up my skin, trim my waist, & got me glowing. Seriously, even my coworkers noticed my positive changes. Woot!”
Diva LaVida

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Other things that I’m Thankful for Today:

♥ the amazing, useful, & entertaining eBook that I’m a contributor to hit #3 on the Amazon Best Seller’s list in our category [Kindle – Advertising]! If you want to read all about how I based my business brand on girly magazines + many more stories of self-promotion & starting your own business, you can purchase Self-Promotion Sucks (but it doesn’t have to) on Amazon for only $4.99!

♥ inspired by my first eBook experience, I’ve decided to write my own! You can look forward to my Health is Beauty how-to guide to clearing your skin & getting that glow this Fall! It’ll be a tight deadline for all the information that I plan to include, but I’m putting it out there into the universe & feel determined I can make it happen. [P.S. If you’re excited by this book idea, leave me a comment of support on the Michelle Shea Walker [dot com] facebook page, I’d really appreciate it!]

♥ my boyfriend Nick was featured in The Chicago Sun-Times this week for his Dabble class on How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s always great to see someone so brilliant get the great press that they deserve [especially when it’s the man in your life].

♥ and also, I’m thankful for chia pudding. So. Much. Chia. Pudding. 🙂

What are you Thankful for Today?

Testimonial Tuesday: Stephanie’s Missing Piece

So technically it’s been Wednesday in Chicago for about half an hour, but I just had to share this Tuesday testimonial from my most recent healthy, happy client:

stephanie testimonial

Stephanie Brandenburg: “[Before the program] I neglected to take care of myself. After college, I think I had reached a point where I was just so generally unhappy with the direction my life had taken that I was getting myself through the day and thought that I should be happy with how I was doing that, but then suddenly realized that all of it was just a way to keep time moving and I didn’t enjoy any of it. And I felt sick most of the time…I just didn’t feel good.

[The program] really encouraged me to better myself…and when you start realizing that you’re feeling better and you’re in a better place, you want to keep on getting that. It’s like once you start to get that natural high you’re like, ‘See, this is what I was missing!’ It’s nice to have someone who has the knowledge to give you a good starting point.  And for me, that’s really what it was, it ended up being a really good base and then afterwards I had the right tools to continue it. Even now, months after doing it, I’ve been improving. So it’s something that continues even after you’re done. Now, I know what I want from life and for myself. I feel more motivated and more capable than I’ve felt in a very, very long time.”

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Wellness Wednesday: August’s Health Happiness & Hula Hoops Newsletter

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Testimonial Tuesday: Karen’s 5 1/2 Month Transformation

5 1/2 months ago, I signed my first health coaching client [who just so happens to be my mother] to Health Happiness & Hula Hoops. Today, she’s just 2 weeks shy of completing my 6 month program.

Here is the story of her amazing 5 1/2 month transformation:

“Healthy living has never been a priority with me so when Michelle told me she was going to be a health coach, I wasn’t really sure what that was. To be honest, I hired her to help her out…little did I know how much of an impact the next 6 months would have on my life. She has guided me, little by little, into a healthier lifestyle. If I had a problem finding something I needed to get healthier, she was there to help me locate it. She even sent me a care package with several essential items inside. After 20 years of struggling to get my weight down & suffering from near constant knee pain, I have now lost a total of 21 pounds and can finally wear high heels again! I love my life…but I especially love shopping for new, smaller clothes! Thank you Michelle for all you have done!”

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Wellness Wednesday: Introducing Health, Happiness, & Hula Hoops!

Hello there, dear readers!

I have some exciting news:
Last week, I officially launch my very own health coaching business!

A healthy diet & proper wellness have helped me to improve my life in so many ways, now I’d like to help you improve yours.

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