There’s No Place Like Home: Decorating The Green Suite

I’ve always had a thing for design: graphic, clothing, but especially interior.

As an introverted Cancer, my home is my oasis, my retreat from the world, but also a cozy place to play hostess to friends & family. Since I’m always decorating on a tight budget, my style doesn’t come off as polished as some, but over the years I’ve gotten better & better at pulling things together without breaking the bank. Currently, I’m in the process of decorating a new home and I’m dying to share it with you soon.

In the meantime, however, I’d like to take a look back on my last humble abode: the two bedroom apartment I shared with Nick aka my former flame, current best friend, & founder of The Green Suite.

When I moved in with Nick, his place was very bachelor pad: dark colors, a little disorganized, and minimal furniture. My goal in our redecorating project was to create a home where my vintage furniture wouldn’t feel too girly and our various collections [like my massive arsenal of DVD’s] wouldn’t make things too crowded. Nick & I worked together quite well: what I lacked in hammer & nail skills, I made up for in design know how & visa versa. The finished products included bright blue walls, DVD housing made from re-claimed wood, & a bedroom bright enough to display the great light from our east-facing windows.

Our little Green Suite will always have a special place in my heart with lots of great memories, but as a new chapter of my life begins, I’m happy to have some new digs to compliment it. More on that soon.



[After photos taken by Aaron Ehinger Photography.]


Room for Color Contest: We Need Your Vote!

This morning started off pretty normal, Nick & I woke up, enjoyed a cup of tea with banana cinnamon muffins left over from my last How to Quit Sugar class, & eased into the day with a little on-the-couch conversation. Then, just as I settled in for some yoga, I heard the familiar ding of a facebook notification from my phone…

It was one of my burlesque girlfriends congratulating me on my apartment feature over on Apartment Therapy:

apartment therapy room for color contest

We’d submitted our living room for the site’s Room for Color Contest a few weeks back, but I had no idea that it had already appeared online. Talk about a great start to the morning!

I love how these photos [taken by one of my favorite photogs & fellow vegan, Aaron Ehinger] showcase perfectly our eclectic lifestyle.

Some of my favorite items around the room include:

♥ Our collection of books [mostly mine] ranging from topics on veganism & green living to fashion & shoes…I’m a very girly hippie. 😉
♥ Our blue glass window farm, made entirely out of recycled & salvaged materials by my boyfriend, Nick. If you’d like to have one of your own that comes complete with installation instructions, check out his store page over at
♥ Nick’s record collection. It’s getting so massive that it’s starting to migrate out of our fireplace. Thankfully, I’ve convinced him to weed out a few titles that will soon be listed in our Vintage & Vinyl Etsy store.
♥ My hand-me-down couch that was entirely re-apolstered by my mother [thanks, mom!] & so comfy.
♥ Our vintage camera collection, found entirely in thrift stores around Chicago.
♥ And, of course, our bright blue walls.

If you’d like to check out more photos & maybe even vote for our entry to help us win, head over to Apartment Therapy & click the little “favorite” button at the bottom of the post.

We’d really appreciate it!