Testimonial Tuesday: What Are the Benefits of Working with a Health Coach?

Just under the wire for today’s Testimonial Tuesday post, here’s a quick video from client Stephanie on the benefits of working with a health coach:

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Thankful Thursday: Gluten-free Vegan on the Go

For me, today is an especially Thankful Thursday. Nick & I just returned from a 3 day camping trip and I’m feeling particularly grateful to be home and in the vicinity of a hot shower.

camping vegan style

I was also quite thankful to find plenty of healthy, gluten-free & vegan snacks to sustain me while surrounded by hot dogs & s’mores. After stocking up at a suburban Wisconsin Walmart [with a surprisingly good selection], here’s the list of supplies Nick & I purchased for dining in the great outdoors:

garlic hummus
organic baby carrots
Odwalla chocolate chip peanut bars
tri-color bell peppers
corn tortillas
lime juce
Nature’s Path coconut chia granola
So Delicious coconut milk
& a pack of fajita seasoning

With these supplies, I was able to sustain myself quite well during our vacation. On the road, I kept myself satisfied with baby carrots, hummus, bananas, and Odwalla bars. At the camp site, Nick broke out his trusty zombie survival mess kit to whip up yummy pepper fajitas in a lime juice marinade [+ our camp-mates made some delicious veggie-kabobs for me]. Breakfast consisted of dinner leftovers followed by a bowl of granola with coconut milk. All vegan. All gluten-free.

Who says eating healthy is hard away from home?

Other things I’m thankful for this week:

♥ hot showers ♥ aloe vera [for post-camping redness] ♥ avocados on everything ♥ client testimonials about glowing skin & a bigger bra size ♥ my former/current client Stephanie’s blog about her ongoing health coaching experiences ♥ and as always, Nick Conrad

Thankful Thursday: Girl’s Night In

Today, I’m thankful for:

♥ A girl’s night in with my talented friend [& former client] Stephanie B.
[who I also had fun making a website for this week]
♥ Vegan/gluten-free brownies served with red wine

♥ Sex and the City on DVD [essential for a girl’s night in]
♥ Having a social life without having to venture out into the cold


Testimonial Tuesday: Stephanie’s Missing Piece

So technically it’s been Wednesday in Chicago for about half an hour, but I just had to share this Tuesday testimonial from my most recent healthy, happy client:

stephanie testimonial

Stephanie Brandenburg: “[Before the program] I neglected to take care of myself. After college, I think I had reached a point where I was just so generally unhappy with the direction my life had taken that I was getting myself through the day and thought that I should be happy with how I was doing that, but then suddenly realized that all of it was just a way to keep time moving and I didn’t enjoy any of it. And I felt sick most of the time…I just didn’t feel good.

[The program] really encouraged me to better myself…and when you start realizing that you’re feeling better and you’re in a better place, you want to keep on getting that. It’s like once you start to get that natural high you’re like, ‘See, this is what I was missing!’ It’s nice to have someone who has the knowledge to give you a good starting point.  And for me, that’s really what it was, it ended up being a really good base and then afterwards I had the right tools to continue it. Even now, months after doing it, I’ve been improving. So it’s something that continues even after you’re done. Now, I know what I want from life and for myself. I feel more motivated and more capable than I’ve felt in a very, very long time.”

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