Testimonial Tuesday: Bethanie’s Newfound Confidence

Today’s Testimonial Tuesday comes from actress/singer/burlesque dancer Bethanie Louise, a recent graduate of the 6 month program who loved her results so much that she signed up for another round!

Here’s what Bethanie had to say about our first experience working together on her wellness goals:

bethanie as the black canary testimonial

Working with Michelle has been one of the best decisions I’ve made with my life! I’ve always had pretty low self-esteem and would handle my personal struggles in unhealthy ways, but being a performer, you need to show confidence and be able to put yourself out in the open. I was afraid to go on auditions because I never felt like I was talented or thin enough to belong there. I’d tried everything from fad dieting to therapy to lose weight and feel happier, but nothing seemed to work.

I went to Michelle at the heaviest I’d ever been. I felt miserable with myself and for once I wanted to try something I knew would be healthy for me. She taught me so much about what to look for in my eating habits. I never realized how much food could affect my mood, but with her help I incorporated healthier alternatives to help me to feel better both physically & emotionally.

Besides eating healthy, Michelle has taught me how to cope with my emotional issues in healthy ways instead of reverting back to old habits. She never judged me or made my problems seem insignificant. Not only did she listen, she also helped me set goals to work on between sessions and adapted her program to benefit my needs. Even in between our meetings, she would send me a friendly e-mail making sure I was ok and giving me useful tips to help me achieve my goals.

Michelle is someone who values her clients and wants everyone to succeed in their lives. I have never felt as happy as I have working with Michelle. With her help, I finally have the confidence I’ve been searching for and I no longer feel the need to hide myself or cope with food. I recommend her to everyone and I cannot wait to start my second program with her!

-Bethanie Louise

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Testimonial Tuesday: Just a Little Preview

I’m SUPER excited to share Health Happiness & Hula Hoops‘ newest client testimonial with all of you…but it’s not quite ready yet. So, to hold you over until then, here’s a little preview of Bethanie’s fabulous 6 month program results:

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Thankful Thursday: How to Please a Diva [LaVida]

Today is a very special Thankful Thursday, filled to the brim with happy news!

Let’s start things off with some “glowing” praise from recent 6 month program graduate
& supremely talented burlesque dancer Diva LaVida:

diva testimonial

 “I really enjoyed working with Michelle & found her to be a tremendous asset. She never pressured me into wacky diets or asked me to do anything that made me feel less than awesome. Her advice helped to clear up my skin, trim my waist, & got me glowing. Seriously, even my coworkers noticed my positive changes. Woot!”
Diva LaVida

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Other things that I’m Thankful for Today:

♥ the amazing, useful, & entertaining eBook that I’m a contributor to hit #3 on the Amazon Best Seller’s list in our category [Kindle – Advertising]! If you want to read all about how I based my business brand on girly magazines + many more stories of self-promotion & starting your own business, you can purchase Self-Promotion Sucks (but it doesn’t have to) on Amazon for only $4.99!

♥ inspired by my first eBook experience, I’ve decided to write my own! You can look forward to my Health is Beauty how-to guide to clearing your skin & getting that glow this Fall! It’ll be a tight deadline for all the information that I plan to include, but I’m putting it out there into the universe & feel determined I can make it happen. [P.S. If you’re excited by this book idea, leave me a comment of support on the Michelle Shea Walker [dot com] facebook page, I’d really appreciate it!]

♥ my boyfriend Nick was featured in The Chicago Sun-Times this week for his Dabble class on How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s always great to see someone so brilliant get the great press that they deserve [especially when it’s the man in your life].

♥ and also, I’m thankful for chia pudding. So. Much. Chia. Pudding. 🙂

What are you Thankful for Today?

Quick Bite: Tropical Chia Pudding

A note on Chia Seeds: there is really no end to the benefits these little babies provide. They’re hydrating, full of protein, loaded with omega-3’s, and have 5x’s the calcium of milk. They’re also really good at helping with digestion & reducing bloat due to their high fiber content. Make them as pudding or throw them in your smoothies, just don’t eat them dry or they could slightly dehydrate you due to their moisture-absorbing capabilities.

I love chia pudding. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it never fails to satisfy my breakfast hunger. However, sometimes my bag of magic little seeds gets lost in my refrigerator and I forget about them for weeks on end. That’s why, after recommending chia pudding to a health coaching client yesterday, I was happy to revive my craving for them & whipped up this creation this morning:

tropical chia pudding

Minutes after posting this photo of my belated breakfast, a facebook friend exclaimed that it looked so delicious that he MUST try this recipe. It’s an easy recipe, but if you’ve never worked with chia seeds before they can be a bit intimidating, which is why I decided to do a quick post on my recipe.

The bad news is, when it comes to chia pudding, I rarely measure. The good news is, if your pudding still looks a little too runny after 10-15 minutes in the fridge, you can simply add more chia seeds to absorb the excess liquid or let it sit for 10 minutes longer and watch the seeds work their extra-absorbing magic.


For Pudding:
Chia seeds – enough to cover the bottom of your bowl*, keep in mind they’ll expand later
So Delicious coconut milk [or your favorite non-dairy milk] – enough to cover the seeds
a small drizzle of pure maple syrup
a splash of vanilla

For topping:
1 kiwi
1/2 apple
1 handful raw walnuts
a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut, shredded

In a cereal bowl, stir together pudding ingredients & place in fridge for anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight, depending on how early you’re preparing your meal.
Once your chia pudding has reached it’s desired texture [which looks something like thick tapioca], cut up your fruit & apply all of your toppings.
Sit down in a patch of sun & enjoy your tropical paradise in a bowl.

*Some recipes call for up to 1/2 cup of chia seeds, but I tend to make smaller servings of chia pudding topped with lots and lots of fruit. I find that I still get the benefits of the seeds without having to break the bank by constantly replenishing my supply. Over time, you’ll find your own preferred serving size. There are no rules. 🙂

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How to Make $50 [and Be a Great Friend] Without Even Trying

I’m so excited to announce my newest Health Happiness & Hula Hoops project:

The Friendly Favor Referral Program
[or How to Make $50 Without Even Trying]Recruit Your Friends to Join My Healthy Army!

Recruit Your Friends to Join My Healthy Army!

Here’s how it works:

First, think of all the lovely ladies in your life that could use a healthy boost. Maybe your sister needs help losing that baby weight or your best friend needs more energy for her new job, whatever the situation, you can help!
Next, tell those friends about my health coaching services. You could say something like:

Hey, I know you’ve been having some issues with [insert health problem here] and I follow this health coach/blogger on [insert social media platform here] that seems like she could help. She even has some awesome testimonials from sexy ladies like you who loved her six-month program. Check out her website at www.healthhappinessandhulahoops.com or visit her blog at www.michellesheawalker.com to see what you think.

Then, “like” the Health Happiness & Hula Hoops facebook page. Believe it or not, this part isn’t just about whoring myself out for likes, it’s about letting you know when and how to collect your reward. Once readers start to refer their friends through this program, I will announce the reward recipients on my business page’s wall. There will also be a photo announcement of awards in a gallery labeled “Referral Rewards,” just in case you miss it on the timeline.

So, what are the rewards?

♥ For every friend who completes a free health history consultation, you will receive a free Health is Beauty sticker.
♥ For every friend who signs up for 6 months of health coaching, you will receive $50!* 

There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer. The more friends you help out, the more money you can make [or, at the very least, the more stickers you’ll have to decorate your iPad]!

*Reward payments will be made via Paypal or online transfer once the first half of your friend’s program has been purchased. Depending on the payment plan chosen, this could be immediately after they sign up or at the program’s three-month marker.

Wellness Wednesday: The New Year’s Resolutions Sale


ny ad screenshot

Happy New Year, I’m having a Sale!

From now until midnight on January 7th,
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